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Prototype and Short Run Castings & Moldings
Prototype Zinc Alloy Casting
Prototype Aluminum Alloy Casting
Prototype Rubber Moldings
Why choose Seybert Castings?

Specialists - We focus on prototype and short run quantities of miniature to medium size castings. Our unique casting processes allow us to cast very complex, and often extremely thin-walled parts.  The more complex your part, the more we excel.

Rapid Turnaround – We are able to go from 3D file to castings with all in-house technology. First samples are usually available in 2-4 days.  General lead time is 1-3 weeks, depending on quantity and size of parts. First samples and partials are at no additional charge. By providing first sample, you are able to make adjustments to design prior to job completion.

Experience - We have over 40 years of experience producing functional prototype and low volume castings. We utilize state of the art 3D technology.  We work with all size companies, in many different industries.

Expertise - We are able to offer assistance throughout your project development. We are familiar with die-casting production requirements and can help detect and avoid costly changes.

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